Ecoendoscopia Alta

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Welcome to UPPER LINEAR AND RADIAL ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND ANALYSIS WORKSHOP, on-line course through a web application that uses the latest technology in visualization and provides an in-depth knowledge about upper endoscopic ultrasound.

Spanish Society of Digestive Endoscopy, SEED, supports the on-line learning and training and organise with CITEC-B, Centro de Imagen y Tecnología del Conocimiento Biomédico, this course aimed at improving capacities of Health professionals.

CITEC-B is a technological company specialized in model creation and visualization architectures; as well as training and learning solutions and tools for different Health Sciences areas.

UPPER LINEAR AND RADIAL ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND ANALYSIS WORKSHOP, endorsed by Spanish Society of Digestive Endoscopy, SEED, optimizes a better understanding of the technique based on theoretical study of anatomical structures, through the protocol and ATLAS mode navigation, and on practical management of the development of exploration (including analysis of one clinical case).

Upper radial and linear endoscopic ultrasound allows the exploration of superior digestive tract, and gives a deep knowledge to gastroenterologists about recognition of anatomical structure.

This application allows to associate different images, both endoscopy and ultrasound, generated from ecoendoscope.

An understanding and interpretation of the endoscopic image is essential in the daily clinical practice. In this workshop we can visualize the precise positioning on a three-dimensional representation of the digestive anatomy.

The possibility of on-line training, choosing English or Spanish, facilitated the formation to the professionals and saves the limitations they must deal with when they will increase his knowledge with the in person formation